BBC Football Focus report on the activities of the Manchester United Supporters Trust (video)

Everyone has seen the green and gold banners and scarfs littered around Old Trafford in recent weeks as the Manchester United Supporters Trust’s (“MUST”) latest campaign to get rid of the club’s American owners, the Glazers, begins to build momentum.

Looking to understand the objectives of MUST, the BBC’s Football Focus team went to visit those who are in charge of the supporters group to find out why they want the Glazers out, how this can be achieved, and what risks Manchester United face should the Glazers remain in charge of arguably the biggest football brand in English football.

As part of the feature, football’s takeover guru Keith Harris from merchant bank Seymour Price, discussed his involvement with MUST, and Harris commented that “as the fans are paying their money, 75 of every pound which they are spending is now going to the Glazers, either to take out of the business altogether or to service the debts of the club. And that’s where the big perils comes. If those [fans] rumblings stop going [to games] the pounds stop coming and the club is in peril.”

Looking from the Glazers point of view, the segment did flag up the successful 500 million pound bond issue which the Americans recently pulled off, while it was also reported that the Americans have no intention of selling the club at present.

The Football Focus feature can be seen here.