Bayern Munich’s crazy costume party hosted by Bastian Schweinsteiger featuring Usain Bolt [pictures]

Bayern Munich’s stars have reason to relax – with a comfortable 23 points lead in the Bundesliga, they are almost certain to become the German league champions any week now.

In the spirit of celebration, Bayern and Germany’s star defensive midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger decided to host an exclusive costume party. The theme of the evening was “Once upon a time – the world of fairytales”.

400 lucky guests, the majority of whom were (very) young attractive ladies, alongside Schweini’s team colleagues, some Winter Olympics stars and one Usain Bolt.

The fastest man in the world was the star of the evening and came dressed as a king. Other notable costumes: Schweinsteiger as Willy Wonka, keeper Manuel Neuer as a squire, and former Chelsea and Werder Bremen’s star Claudio Pizzaro as a pirate.

Here are some of the photos leaked from the event: