Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness publically cried at the cub’s AGM as the official prepares for his tax evasion trial

He maybe a crook, but if so he is an emotional crook.

Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness will go on trial in March 2014 on tax evasion charges after authorities discovered that the ex-German international had a secret, undeclared Swiss bank account, however his club remain fully in his corner.

On Wednesday night, at the Bayern AGM, Hoeness was reduced to crying in public after his colleagues rallied around the possible tax dodger, while the crowd chanted his name, “Uli! Uli!”

Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told the crowd:

I am his friend and true friendship shows itself when there are problems. When I see you, dear members, paying tribute to Uli today, I believe that all of Bayern is his friend.

An emotional Hoeness then gave a few words, saying:

I made a big mistake by not having investment income abroad taxed. I did not take hundreds of millions out of the country. I will face this mistake. I have every faith in the Bavarian justice system. I hope this story has a good ending in March. If I am then still allowed to be here then I promise you I will serve this club until the day I stop breathing. 

As for Bayern at large, the AGM saw last season’s treble winners post their best financial results in 113 years as turnover was recorded at £330million, up from £278m in 2011-12, but when turnover for the Allianz Arena Stadium Ltd was taken into account, the treble-winning club’s figure reached their highest total in history with £362m, Bayern said at their annual general assembly in Munich.

Footage of Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness bawling at the Bayern AGM is below.