Bayern Munich are left homeless after their Allianz Arena is destroyed in a TV ad

According to Bild, Bayern Munich were left less than impressed by a commercial which ran during their Champions League match with Lyon this week, that broadcasted images of Bayern’s home ground crumbling to the ground and reduced to nothing more than a pile of rubble.

Bayern claim to have received no prior warning of the ad, which was made to promote the new Hollywood blockbuster “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” that apparently shocked many fans when it was shown on Wednesday. And they have sent out the club’s media director Markus Hoerwick on the offensive, saying “We were not informed and were also not asked for permission. It is not to our benefit for the Arena to be represented in such a way. We will examine now whether and how we react to it.”

The ad was given added realism by the narration of Frank Buschmann, a presenter on Germany’s DSF channel, who reported on the collapse “live.”

The provocative ad can be seen here.