Bayern ‘keeper Manuel Neuer on Arsenal win: ‘I know how Özil takes penalties’ [SPOX Interview]

As many have theorized, the decision to allow Mesut Ozil take the penalty against Beyern last night was indeed a dubious one.

The suspicion that Neuer sussed out Ozil thanks to his long-term friendship and association with him has been corroborated by the keeper, who told SPOX as much in an interview after the game.

Neuer alluded to his schooldays with Ozil, and that he was well aware of his ‘paradinha’ technique, stopping and starting in his run-up.

Suggesting that the last man red card needs rethinking in incidents involving goalkeepers and expressing sympathy for Szczecny, the key quote from Neuer came from the journo’s question on the pen:

Q. You mentioned at the press conference before the game, that you still know Mesut Ozil from school and from common Schalke times. You know apparently also how he shoots penalty.

A. Sure I know Mesut. I know how he shoots penalty. I know how it starts, and that he takes his time there. He is also one that can swing out at the last moment. If he shoots penalty, you have to wait long as a goalkeeper. I thought that he shoots in the left corner, so I made ​​the move there. But I have waited a long time to have the option to intervene in the middle. It worked.”

Shouldn’t Ozil himself have been aware of this?!