Barking Mad: Another shocking ad from Fernando Torres

If David Beckham is football’s advertising guru, then Fernando Torres is positioning himself as the advertising antichrist.

Having starred in his mate’s gonzo-style hairdressing salon ad several weeks back, El Nino has now allowed his brand to be associated with a shockingly bad dog advert, in which the young Spaniard once again takes the lead role in another car-crash commercial.

Promoting “Narub,” which appears to be a Crufts-like training centre for pups, Torres shares the screen with a brilliant mid-aged man, holding onto his youth by hiding away inside a baseball cap, whose sole job is to say “Narub” while offering a cheesy thumbs-up sign.

The ad also leaves viewers with some bizarre questions.

With the ad being in Spanish and seemingly promoting a Spanish company, why does Torres begin the ad by telling the dog to “sit, sit.” Is this a case of a bi-lingual dog?

And why, when Torres is playing football with one of the canines, is the dog clothed in a Steven Gerrard shirt? Should we be reading between the lines?

Fernando Torres’ latest ad can be seen here.

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