Barcelona’s first offer to Liverpool for Luis Suarez was less than £50m [El Mundo Deportivo]

How much did Barcelona offer for Luis Suarez in the first meeting between Barcelona and Liverpool yesterday?

If you believe the English media, it was anywhere between 55 and 72 million pounds. The equivalent of 70 to 90 million euros.

Catalan paper El Mundo Deportivo suggest the offer was a lot less than that.

Luis Suarez has a clause in his contract that allows him to leave Liverpool if a foreign club (realistically only Barcelona or Real Madrid) pays 88 million euros.

Whilst El Mundo Deportivo confirm the release clause to foreign clubs was discussed, Barcelona offered a lot less.

Barcelona negotiators Antoni Rossich, Jordi Mestre and Raül Sanllehí informed Liverpool on Wednesday that they will not be paying the 88 million euros as a result of that bite on Giorgio Chiellini and the fact Suarez wants to leave England.

Therefore the first offer, according to El Mundo Deportivo, was 60 million euros (48 million pounds).

Finally, El Mundo add what has been known for the last 24 hours of so: Alexis Sanchez will not be part of the deal taking Luis Suarez from Liverpool to Barcelona.

Latest reports suggest Liverpool will not accept less than 80 million pounds for Suarez.

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