Barcelona’s Neymar: ‘Schweinsteiger & Robben also deserved World Cup Golden Ball along with Messi’ [Video]

Neymar gave an extensive interview with O Globo TV over the weekend, a snippet of which can be seen on the video below.

Still looking a bit fragile, convalescing as he is from his horror injury, and wearing a pair of hipster glasses, Ney reflected on the World Cup.

Asked for the best World Cup goal, Neymar Junior interestingly chose James Rodriguez – but not his Uruguay goal, rather, his solo slalom against Japan.

Moving onto the Golden Ball, controversially won by Lionel Messi, Neymar plead the Fifth on whether his Barcelona teammate deserved the award, only saying that ‘Schweinsteiger and Robben also deserved it, those 3 were the best.’

Then asked about just what went wrong with Brazil’s nightmare World Cup, Neymar said ‘We need to prepare better. 

The ones who prepare best wins. In Spain, the training is much more intense than in Brazil.’

A parting shot at Scolari, or an assessment of the wider malaise in Brazilian football structures?