Barcelona’s Dani Alves: ‘For me to stay, the negative energy has to change’ [Radio RAC 1]

Dani Alves gave a classically Dani Alves interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 today, in which he mooted the possibility of leaving Barcelona due to the lack of clarity from the club’s hierarchy and the feeling that he’s been scapegoated.

Under contract at the Camp Nou until June 2015, Alves told RAC 1 that he feels like he’s been ‘disparado’ (put in the firing line); ‘results haven’t been great, and someone has to be blamed, and I feel like I’m the scapegoat.

‘I’ve always been transparent. I’ve always said that when the time comes that I want to leave, the club and everyone will know it, so all I ask if that if they’re not happy with me, that they tell me.’

‘- What would it take for you to stay beyond this summer?

‘I believe a lot in energy, I live by this energy, and if this energy becomes negative, it affects me. If it doesn’t change…because it wears you down.’

“If people put up with me as I am, fine. Otherwise I will go somewhere else. Whether you like it or not, I am part of the history of this club, of the most beautiful history. But I need energy. I need to be content and happy.”

With PSG believed to be in the process of thrashing out a contract for Alves, this interview will only had fuel to the fire.

A summary of Alves’ interview can be seen below.