Barcelona’s Dani Alves goes on epic rant: ‘FFS, it wasn’t Tata’s fault, it was the players’ fault!’ [Video]

Dani Alves has always been one to shoot straight from the hip.

The Brazilian full-back calls it as he sees it, that’s the only way he knows, and at a press conference today, he gave the press both barrels.

Over the summer, the Catalan press more or less wrote Alves’ Barcelona future off, candidly writing that Luis Enrique didn’t count on him, and that he’d been told to find a new club.

The La Liga season is upon us, Alves has stayed at the Camp Nou, and how much truth there was to the press speculation is hard to gauge.

Whatever the case, Alves gave the hacks what for today, telling them ‘I have two years left, and I deserve respect for what I’ve achieved here.’

Alves then switched into Angry Alves mode, and lashed out over how the press had blamed Tata last year:

‘If we’re playing in a collective sport, the blame is ours, for good and bad.

So people can forget writing stories like ‘It was Tata’s fault because he had a different idea; No, for fuck’s sake!

Tata had the same idea as all our other trainers, but of course, we didn’t do our job well, and it’s Tata’s fault!