Barcelona SC (Ecuador) file legal objection to FC Barcelona’s trademarking of ‘Barcelona’ in Ecuador

FC Barcelona are one of the biggest clubs in the world and recently attempted to trademark the name ‘Barcelona’ in Ecuador.

However the most successful club in Ecuadorian football and current league Champions, Barcelona Sporting Club, have taken objection.

The club were created in 1925, named after their Spanish counterparts and they even have the same badge.

14 League titles to their name, they won’t let the Spanish giants walk all over them and have filed a legal objection to FC Barcelona’s attempted trademark.

Barcelona v Barcelona.

A Club statement was released on Wednesday by the Ecuadorian Barcelona.

“Regarding the brand “BARCELONA” in Ecuador, the only and legitimate owner in Ecuadorian territory is the Barcelona Sporting Club, and that is specified in the register of Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property (IEPI).”

“It’s a public fact that in Ecuador the name “BARCELONA” identifies Barcelona Sporting Club. Futbol Club Barcelona has requested the register of the brand “BARCELONA” in Ecuador. “

“Our response in the face of this is that we have presented our supported opposition to the IEPI through specialist lawyers in Intellectual Property. “