Barcelona rejected taking Toni Kroos FOR FREE, didn’t want to damage relations with Bayern [Periodico]

This is a pretty incredible (non) transfer story, which if true, is taking benevolent diplomacy to the extreme.

El Periodico Catalunya claim that Barcelona were offered Toni Kroos for just 25 million euros earlier this summer (during the World Cup, presumably), but Luis Enrique rejected it, feeling that Barcelona are well covered in his position, having just bought Rakitic.

But that wasn’t it; Kroos’ agent reeeealy wanted his player to play for Barcelona it seems: he then offered Kroos to Barça on A FREE, with the German coming to the Camp Nou next summer having run out his Bayern contract.

But, amazingly, Barcelona again said: thanks, but NO THANKS.

The reason, according to El Periodico Catalunya, is that Barcelona didn’t want to damage relations with Bayern, by taking one of their best players for free.

An honourable gesture from Barcelona and Luis Enrique, but with Kroos now set to sign for arch rivals Real Madrid, it’s hard to imaging the Barcelona fans would feel the same…