Barcelona press bid farewell to Sandro Rosell with front pages & cartoons

What will Sandro Rosell standing down as Barcelona president over “Operation Neymar” mean for the current La Liga leaders?

Barcelona have a history of self destruction but you suspect this will make little difference to the on-pitch accomplishments this season.

The Catalan giants remain embroiled in a fascinating three-horse race for La Liga and look set to rely on individual brilliance if they are to win the Champions League.

Where Rosell’s departure may become a factor is in the summer when Barcelona will (surely) look to strengthen their defence with a big signing.

And this will surely heap more pressure on Neymar, who has been an undoubted success so far, as the Brazilian’s current absence appears to be proving.

Below are some front pages and cartoons from the Catalan press. As well as some videos (with English subtitles) on Sandro Rosell leaving the Barcelona presidency.