Barcelona president Jose Maria Bartomeu ‘does not foresee’ Pedro departure

pedro rodriguez, july 2015

In news that might make Manchester United fans a bit nervous, Barcelona president Jose Maria Bartomeu has said that he does not foresee any departures.

Pedro Rodriguez has been strongly linked with a move to United and reports would indicate that the forward is keen to try his luck in England.

However, Bartomeu has insisted that the squad is complete and that, while he’s seen stories about Pedro going to United, these are nothing but stories at the minute.

Speaking to ESPN, Bartomeu said: “The team is what it is. It has been put together. We have the team that our coach wanted – it’s done and completed.

“We don’t foresee any departures from the team. I’ve read many things about a Pedro departure, but no one has officially addressed our club. Our squad is complete.”

This might be Bartomeu doing his diplomatic duty and speaking as though Pedro isn’t leaving the club. At the minute he’s right, Pedro isn’t going anywhere.

But that’s because Louis van Gaal and Ed Woodward want to make sure Angel Di Maria shuts the door behind him as he scarpers off to Paris.

Then the club are poised to activate Pedro’s release clause and it will be entirely up to the player. However, it’s no secret that the Spain international is in love with Barcelona. If he does leave it will be because his passage to the first team has been blocked.

But perhaps a convincing chat from Luis Enrique could help Pedro to view being a squad player at Barcelona as better than being a first team player at United.