Barcelona paper Sport warn their Spanish readers to stay clear of Arsenal’s cursed Aaron Ramsey

Spanish paper Sport have produced a ridiculous article this weekend, warning readers to stay away from Aaron Ramsey.

The story was largely tongue in cheek, as Sport seemed desperate to record the fact that the Arsenal midfielder is visiting Barcelona.

Ramsey has posted a few cryptic updates on social media over the weekend, which have revealed that he’s in the Spanish city for the Easter weekend. He took a picture outside the famous Sagrada Família church.

The Welsh midfielder is currently out of action after he limped out of Arsenal’s FA Cup fifth-round replay triumph over Hull City earlier this month with a calf strain.

Dredging up the nonsense claim that Aaron Ramsey is cursed – a folktale that gets bandied about as fans link the timing of Ramsey’s goals with deaths of celebrities – Sport’s dramatic headline read “Warning: Ramsey is loose in Barcelona”.

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Sport make Ramsey out to be something like Godzilla!

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