Barca mismanagement, over-worked Messi: Why is Lionel always injured at the moment? [ESPN, Sid Lowe]

Lionel Messi is injured. Again.

The Barcelona and Argentina superstar has been ruled out for 6-8 weeks with a muscle tear in his hamstring, meaning that Messi will not play again in 2013.

Messi is now facing his fourth injury of the season, and many are saying the striker’s body can’t keep up with the current schedule.

Messi suffered a quadriceps problem in pre-season, while the Flea was also unavailable with injury at the start of the season against Malaga. Messi was then absent for several weeks after he collected a hamstring problem against Almeria, and now is again out having picked up a thigh problem against Betis.

The current state of Messi’s health is worrying, particularly taking into account how fit and available La Pulga always seemed to be under former manager Pep Guardiola.

In that regard, a powerful stat which is currently doing the rounds is that Lionel Messi had 7 injuries prior to Guardiola, only one injury issue while Pep was in charge, and he has picked up five injuries since Pep has the Nou Camp.

Spanish football journalist Sid Lowe has appeared on ESPN to discuss why Messi is so injury prone in recent times, and the accusations of blame are beginning to fly. Lowe said:

There is a sense of finger-pointing. Messi will say “I’m ready, I want to play” time after time. There is a question mark as to whether Messi has forced himself into the team when he shouldn’t have done, whether Barcelona have forced him back too much, and in particular whether the preparation has been good mind.

Bear in mind Messi has travelled over 120,000 kilometers in the summer, in other words he went around the globe three times.

Listen to Sid Lowe’s critique on Lionel Messi’s latest injury issues below.