Barcelona have to pay Arsenal £5.6m for selling Cesc Fabregas to Chelsea [The Times]

The lead story on the backpage of The Times on Friday centres on Chelsea’s acquisition of Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona.

The angle taken by the broadsheet is to focus on Arsenal, as Fabregas seemed to suggest that the Gunners had turned down the chance to re-sign him when he was up for purshase at the Camp Nou.

Arsenal decided against moving for their former captain, and in return he joined Jose Mourinho’s team on a 5-year deal worth approximately £150k a week.

The Times finish off their piece by reporting on Arsenal’s windfall from the transfer.

According to clauses placed in Cesc’s contract when he moved from the Emirates to Barca in 2011, Arsenal are set to receive an immediate payment of £5.6m.

See the backpage of The Times on Friday below.