Banter! Man United legend Gary Neville calls Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher a burglar on MNF

Monday Night Football became a must-watch last season as Gary Neville wowed football fans with his in-depth analysis.

This season there’s a new face on the show with ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher joining Neville’s weekly spot.

The rivalry was huge during their playing career as each player spent their whole careers at rival clubs Liverpool and Manchester United.

The tension could still be seen between the pair on screen tonight, but in a very positive way.

Gary Neville expertly described Robin Van Persie as ‘like a burglar in your house‘ to which Carragher retorted ‘You’d be under the bed‘.

Neville got the last word ‘And you’d probably be the burglar‘ referring to Carragher’s Scouse roots.

Watch the hilarious clip here.