Bankrupt German World Cup star Andreas Brehme offered job cleaning toilets by ex-teammate

Andreas Brehme fall from grace has been a well-documented one in Germany.

At one stage the star of German football, Brehme’s penalty against Argentina won the World Cup for his country in 1990. Just under 25 years later and the former professional is bankrupt and debt-ridden with an amount as big as €250,000.

Now, at risk of losing his house, Brehme is in desperate need of help. Franz Beckenbauer, his manager from that triumph in Italy, said: “We have a responsibility to try to take him out of this situation. He has given a lot to German football, giving the title of world champions in the country. The German football should thank him for helping him now.”

Italian media have reported that an offer has come from former teammate Olivier Straube but it’s not one that Brehme would have been hoping for. Straube has offered him a job cleaning toilets in his company: “We are willing to take on Andreas in our company cleaning of bathrooms and sanitary. He will realize what it means to do real work and have a real life. It will serve to improve its image. This for me is help.”

It has provoked a bit of muffled laughter at his expense, but imagine if this fortune befell Mario Gotze in 25 years. Brehme’s case shows that it’s not impossible.

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