Banging tune & super skills: Lionel Messi stars in a Pepsi advert with El Salvadoran hero Magico Gonzalez

Several weeks ago a new advert started being broadcasted in South America featuring Lionel Messi and El Salvadoran hero Magico Gonzalez.

El Mágico is one of the most famous player El Salvador ever produced, having played almost 200 matches in Spain for Cadiz in the 1970s and 1980s as well as being a national hero on the international scene.

The new advert, called “#LoMágicoesElSalvador Pepsi Trick” has Messi and 55-year-old Magico Gonzalez playing keepy-uppies with a Pepsi can with a booming soundstrack to boot.

See the new Pepsi advert below.

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