Bad news for Spurs, Man United & Everton: Arsenal v Wigan in the FA Cup means only 6th gives EL entry


The following post is written on the assumption Man City will beat Wigan.

The draw for the FA Cup semi finals had far reaching consequences for Tottenham, Manchester United and Everton.

The semi final draw brought together Arsenal and Manchester City or Wigan in one match, and Hull versus Sheffield United in the other.

With one of Hull and the Blades guaranteed to be in the FA Cup final, should Arsenal and/or Man City finish the season with entry into the Champions League  then the losing finalist will go into the Europa League.

Put another way, only 5th and 6th place finishes in the Premier League will now gain entry into next season’s Europa League, with Tottenham currently 5th, Man United 6th and Everton 7th.

* Article updated to reflect Wigan beat Manchester City in the final FA Cup quarter-final.