Backheel of the Week: Referee Alvarez Izquierdo (Bilbao-Xerez)

After Guti brought the art of the backheel back in vogue against Deportivo La Coruna (see here), last weekend saw the skill reproduced in a completely different set of circumstances.

The incident came about in the Athletic Bilbao-Xerez match on Sunday in La Liga as referee Ref Alvarez Izquierdo found himself unwantingly caught in the middle of the action. After the man in black lost his footing in the centre-circle, like a magnet, the ball was drawn to the official as he managed to intercept a pass from one Xerez player to another.

Rather than ignoring his own touch and allow the play to carry on naturally, compassion appeared to take over ref Izquierdo. And he tried to undo his own faux pas with a cheeky backheel that sent the ball to it’s intended target.

Referee’s Alvarez Izquierdo brilliant backheel can be seen here.