Back Off, Wenger: Rodgers sends defiant message to Suarez suitors, ‘Liverpool as an institution will never sell to a rival’

We’re nearly halfway through the first half of the season, which means the January sharks are starting to circle.

Looking to get his retaliation in first, so to speak, Brendan Rodgers has surprisingly come out with a defiant message to nip any Suarez speculation in the bud before anything starts.

Reflecting on what went on last summer, with Arsenal making a bid for Suarez, it wasn’t easy to read between the lines here and get the subtext: ‘don’t even think about coming back in for him, Wenger.’

Rodgers used powerful language, referring to Liverpool as an institution to infer strength, insisting they were never going to see to a direct rival, and hence never will.

Will Wenger accept the message, or simply up the ante in January with an increased bid?

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