Azerbaijan journalist murdered by football fans after he criticised a player on Facebook

A terrible story has broken out of Azerbaijan in the past few days, of a horrific murder of an Azerbaijan journalist, whose only crime was to criticise a footballer on Facebook.

Rasim Aliyev, the victim, wrote a post on Facebook which called for Gabala’s 24-year-old midfielder Javid Huseynov to be banned from European football for allegedly making a rude gesture at a Cypriot journalist.

Huseynov reportedly waved a Turkish flag at Cypriot side Apollon Limassol during a Europa League qualifier, and a Cypriot journalist confronted the footballer about his provocative behaviour.

Aliyev called Huseynov “immoral and ill-bred” in his Facebook post for his offensive actions.

According to reports, Rasim Aliyev was then attacked after he was tricked into a meeting by someone posing as Huseynov’s relative.

Aliyev was taken to hospital, where he gave an interview to local reporters about his assault, however he later died from internal bleeding.

Huseynov has since been suspended by Gabala.

A news report from Meydan TV with English subtitles on the horrific episode is below.