Awesome Fair Play: Lyon’s ladies will replay a cup semifinal after the ref ruined the shootout

Lyon’s ladies team should win the fair play award this season for a brilliant post-match decision to replay a French Cup semi against Montpellier are the referee ruined the game.

The Lyon-Montpellier semifinal was settled by a penalty shootout earlier in the week, but whilst Lyon claimed a 6-5 spot-kick victory the victors have since offered the replay the match following a shocking mistake from the head official.

The mistake occured during the penalty of Montpellier’s Rumi Utsugi.

After scoring her initial penalty, Utsugi was ordered to retake her kick after the ref claimed the ball moved just before she took aim.

That curious decision faded into the background however, as Utsugi scored her second attempt after the ball bounced off the post and into the goal, only to later find out that the official had inexcusably not registered the legal goal.

Lyon went on to win, but the club have since offered Montpellier a rematch after coming to the conclusion that their victory was unjust.

The rematch is set for Thursday.

Watch the referee’s abysmal decision making during the shootout below.

(Spotted on Dirty Tackle)