Augsburg keeper Marwin Hitz tampered with penalty spot before save from Anthony Modeste (Video)

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Augsburg bagged a crucial 1-0 victory in the Bundesliga on Saturday, away at Köln.

The victory pushes Augsburg up and out of the relegation zone, to 13 points from 15 matches but they had to use all their wits to secure all three points.

The Bundesliga match was goalless on 58 minutes when Köln won a penalty.

As the referee was preparing the penalty, Augsburg goalkeeper Marwin Hitz was dragging his studs around the penalty spot to cause problems for Köln’s Anthony Modeste.

The 27-year-old Frenchman has not scored since the beginning of October and the last thing he needed was a penalty spot with skid marks all around it.

You can even see Modeste slip on the turf, where Hitz planted his studs, before the Augsburg keeper pulls off the save from the penalty spot.

Eight minutes later, Raul Bobadilla won the game for Augsburg with cheating/smart goalkeeper Marwin Hitz the hero.

After the game, Hitz said on Twitter: “There is no shame in fooling around a bit in the heat of the moment.”

To the media though after the game, Hitz appeared to change his view: “That wasn’t the most fair thing to do. When I see that, that’s not me. It won’t happen again. I have never saved a penalty before so I thought I would just make the taker a little bit unsure. A lot of things come together when something like this happens: a full stadium, a frantic game and … one thinking that it wasn’t a penalty to start off with.”