Audio: Joe Kinnear swears an amazing 52 times in five minutes

Joe Kinnear took the opportunity of sitting face-to-face with journalists at his first official press conference yesterday as the boss of Newcastle to deliver a foul-mouthed tirade against all the criticism which he feels he has had to contend with since his appointment, singling out the Daily Mirror for particular abuse in one of the most colourful outbursts of all time.

Happily, we are able to bring you the audio from the press conference here.

The full 13 minute press conference can be seen here and here.

A full transcript of Kinnear’s rant can be read here.


Several journalists (Rob Smyth and Steve Anglesey) have seized upon Kinnear’s rant to take a trip down memory lane, referencing other incidents where the manager blew their top in public. Following their lead, here are some of the other unforgettable moments where the man in charge lost the plot.

1. Graham Taylor v Rob Shepherd

2. Neil Warnock v Huddersfield Town

3. John Sitton v Leyton Orient