Audio: Arsene Wenger’s lengthy chat with Al Jazeera TV

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is once again under fire this morning for comments carried by the Daily Mirror suggesting he is up happy with the current Gunners squad and may not be strengthening in the January transfer window.

Whilst there are undoubtedly Arsenal fans that wish to see the back of Wenger (see second video below) there is no question that the French coach is one of the most erudite gaffers around and so eloquent and passionate about the beautiful game.

An audio broadcast has started doing the rounds over the past couple of days, of a lengthy interview Wenger gave to Al Jazeera TV where the Arsenal manager covers a whole range of topics.

Wenger discusses his time in Japan, what it was like to arrive in England to headlines of “Arsene Who,” the current Arsenal squad, Barcelona stars Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi as well as his favourite goal from 2012.

He also comments on Arsenal’s Champions League tie with Bayern Munich and speaks about Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie’s transfer to Manchester United.

Audio of Wenger’s interview with Al Jazeera TV is below – it is close to 40 minutes long.

After that is a video by Sports Tonight Live, aired on Tuesday night, asking “Is Wenger’s time up at Arsenal – is this the year they finish 5th?”