Atletico MG’s Ronaldinho was hugged by a Colombian pitch invader during a Copa Libertadores match [Video]

Ronaldinho was bear-hugged by a young watery-eyed Colombian football fan as Atletico MG took on Santa Fe in the Copa Libertadores on Thursday night.

In a bizarre incident as the match was in-play, a young Ronaldinho supporter disrupted the match as he burst on the pitch and immediately made a beeline for the buck-toothed wonder.

With a group of security guards chasing him, the young lad managed to get to his target Ronaldinho, and the Brazilian legend gave the pitch invader a hug he’ll surely never forget.

Unfortunately for the lad his one-on-one contact with Ronaldinho was short-lived, and seconds later he was manhandled off the pitch by security men.

Showing just what an attraction Ronaldinho is, the Brazilian star was then mobbed by a couple of ball boys at the final whistle who stood after the Samba star as they took selfies with him.

See the footage below.