Atletico Madrid, Thibaut Courtois & Roberto Soldado send Instagram support to Radamel Falcao

Thinking about a World Cup without Radamel Falcao simply sucks.

The injury that has rocked Colombia came in a Coupe de France match between Monaco and Monts on Wednesday evening.

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The initial prognosis is not good at all.

Claudio Ranieri was reportedly furious after the match with many pointing the finger at the Monaco coach, wondering why the Italian played Falcao in a cup game against amateur opponents.

In addition, the defender responsible for the tackle, an amateur, has come out and said he is distraught at causing the injury.

Despite Falcao currently playing in Spain, the reaction from his former club Atletico Madrid and team mate Thibaut Courtois was almost immediate.

In addition, Spurs striker Roberto Soldado also sent his best wishes to Falcao on Instagram – see all three pictures below.

Soldado’s message was: “I’ve always admired as a footballer, I hope you recover well and soon.”