Atletico Madrid & Liverpool fans come together

Angry fans tearing up stadia, descending into violence, and clashing with police and opposition fans has been a noticeable, growing trend in the world of football of late. And the team who were slapped with the biggest wrap on the wrists under the new wave of anti-social behaviour have no doubt been Atletico Madrid, who were handed a two game home ban in the Champions League for the deplorable scenes on view during their match with Marsielle earlier in the competition. (See the picture.)

Such was the case that Liverpool had to fight to have their midweek match against Atleti played at the Vicente Calderon stadium, citing the fact that their fans had already booked their tickets as any change to the fixture would cause major aggravation.

Under such a frosty backdrop, one could have expected that trouble could have raised its ugly head once more when the two sides finally got to together. Yet in reality, nothing could have been further from the truth.

These pictures may not been a sexy or controversial as seeing a baton-wielding riot policeman smashing a fan’s head, or some other deplorable violence, but (in this authors opinion) they are just as powerful.

While waiting for the game to kick off, the two groups came together on the terraces, embracing each other and exchanging scarfs and shirts, showing that football fans can actually united in a joyous, happy fashion.

See the Atletico Madrid and Liverpool fans come together here.

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