Atletico Junior’s Emerson “Piojo” Acuna is a dirty cheat

Last week we exposed Dynamo Kiev’s Olexandr Aliyev as a dirty cheat for a shocking dive at Arsenal during his side’s Champions League match.

Diving is not exclusive to Europe however, as evidenced by possibly the most incredible dive ever, committed by Atletico Junior’s Emerson “Piojo” Acuna last weekend in Colombia.

The action arrived in the first half of his side’s match with America de Cali, as Acuna, building an attack, picked up the ball on the right hand side passing to a teammate with the intention of receiving a quick one-two in return. And in fact that is exactly what happened, as Acuna continued his run into the box, at which point he was supplied with the through-ball he craved.

Roll Platoon.

Inexplicably, the forward, without a single defender around him in any shape or form, then decided to take an incredible tumble in the box when he was clean through. But that was only half of the story, as the referee immediately pointed to the spot, calling a foul on Acuna, which allowed Palacio to then slot home the opener for the hosts.

However karma then set in, and proving that cheats don’t always prosper Acuna then received his marching orders 15 minutes later, receiving a straight red in an unrelated incident.

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Video evidence that Emerson “Piojo” Acuna is a dirty cheat can be seen here.

(Credit to Off The Post)

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