Aston Villa produce the worst cup final song ever: Championees by Niki Evans

Aston Villa’s Carling Cup final song is so bad it is difficult to know where to start when picking it to pieces.

Firstly, who has a Carling Cup final song? You can be sure Aston Villa’s opponents at Wembley, Manchester United, have not recorded a song for their second successive Carling Cup final appearance.

Led by X-Factor finalist Niki Evans (we have no idea who she is either) it is called “Championees” and someone called Doug O’Brien will also be regretting the fact he put his name to it.

There are some absolutely apalling lines in this horrific song including the chorus which goes: “We’re the Villa, we’re the Championees.”

This song is quite simply dreadful and is a rare occasion on 101gg where we urge you not to watch this video.