“As you want!” Behind the scenes of the Cristiano Ronaldo-Gareth Bale argument

It encapsulated the problems of buying the very best footballers in the world and playing them in the same team.

The Galactico experiment, if you will.

Real Madrid had a late free-kick at Sevilla, which Gareth Bale took thanks to a slightly better angle for his left foot.

Spanish TV not only had their regular cameras on the set piece – see original report here – but also a behind the goal angle showing the discussions between Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale once the free-kick was awarded.

The discussions appear to simply show Bale asking to take the free-kick and Ronaldo answering “as you want!”

Then came Bale’s effort that went over the bar and the Ronaldo tantrum.

From the camera angle you can also see how Ronaldo plays his part in this free-kick, attempting to fool the opposition keeper into thinking he is taking it.

There are suggestions today that Ronaldo was upset with Bale as the Welshman opted for placement instead of a powerful hit.

Not sure we believe that one!