Arturo Vidal wants to join Man United & negotiations are taking place [Andy Mitten]

In these days of social media, it isn’t easy to work out who is a good or bad source when it comes to transfer news.

When it comes to Manchester United, Andy Mitten is amongst the most reliable.

Mitten has long links with the Premier League giants and as the editor of the United We Stand fanzine is known to have his ear to the ground.

Today, Andy Mitten has released a video on that will be music to the ears of Manchester United fans looking for a credible source on the Arturo Vidal rumours.

The latest news regarding Vidal seemed to be that Manchester United were not willing to pay the Juventus asking price.

Andy Mitten confirms that “Negotiations are definitely taking place. I think a deal will be done.”

There seems a long way to go, but this is good news for United fans.