Arsene Wenger was very vague about Juan Mata post Fenerbahce 2nd leg [video]

One of the big transfer news stories late on Tuesday evening was the confirmation that Juan Mata’s father attended Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Fenerbahce.

It turns out that Juan Mata’s father is an agent not just for his son but also for a number of other players, including some that play for Fenerbahce.

But, with continual suggestions that Juan Mata could be on his way out of Chelsea thus summer, the fact his father was at the Emirates only served to add fuel to the fire.

In the final days of the summer transfer window, with Arsenal keen to bring in players, Arsene Wenger’s answers to the media on incoming transfers are becoming a little ridiculous.

Wenger was questioned by the media on the Juan Mata links and really failed to give a straight answer.

The highlight was Wenger’s response to if Mata’s father was invited as a guest of Arsenal, to which he replied (with a smile on his face): “No… I don’t know… maybe…”

Video of Arsene Wenger discussing Juan Mata is below. Followed by the full press conference.