Arsene Wenger opens the Four Four Jew exhibition, jokes about Arsenal v Spurs [video]

On one of the quietest football nights of the year, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger opened the Four Four Jew exhibition in Camden on Wednesday evening.

Typically, Wenger was erudite in his comments and gave a fine opening speech where he praised the exhibition which looks at exploring the untold story of British Jews and football.

After being introduced by David Dein, Wenger cracked a few jokes, including over who has more Jewish fans: Arsenal or Tottenham.

Wenger also talked of the strong Jewish community in Strasbourg where he grew up as well as his love for the Beautiful Game.

On religion, Wenger later told Rob Harris of AP the following: “I prayed a lot when I was a kid because I was educated in a Catholic area. Religion was very strong to us, to ask the priest if I can play on Sunday afternoon … now I am a bit less (religious) because when you are under pressure you only think of our game. How can I win the next game? And you try to be a bit more pragmatic.”

Wenger added: “Belief is important, and I am forever grateful for the values my religion has given,” he said. “And basically if you analyze it, all the religions spread good values and positive values, and that is important that you find that in our sport.”