Arsene Wenger is not happy as Jack Wilshere is caught smoking [Picture & Wenger presser]

A picture has started doing the rounds of Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere smoking.

Subsequently, in his pre West Brom presser on Friday morning, Arsene Wenger was asked about the England midfielder having a crafty cigarette.

The Arsenal boss said: “Well, I disagree completely with that behaviour… The fact that you can damage your health at home, nobody sees it, you as well damage your reputation as an example.”

Wenger added that he hadn’t spoken to Wilshere yet: “I will leave that between him and me.”

The journalists present also asked Wenger about players smoking back in the day, specifically Johan Cruyff, who used to puff 20 a day.

Wenger: “I travelled on coaches to away games in France where you couldn’t see each other! But times have changed… and I must say as well English society is very sensitive to smoking, much more than other countries.”

The picture of Jack Wilshere smoking is below, along with Arsene Wenger’s presser this morning, at which he said he would speak to Wilshere and the risks of damaging his reputation and health.

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