Arsene Wenger banters back at Steven Gerrard: ‘They didn’t win, and Suarez left anyway’ [Video]

Earlier this week, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard revealed that he managed to get Luis Suarez to stay on for that one last season by convincing him that he was ‘too good for Arsenal’.

Gerrard told him to knuckle down, play one more big year, and the Spanish big guns would be back in for him the following summer (this summer).

Suarez ceded to Stevie G’s wishes, and sure enough Barcelona did come in for him this summer, and off he went.

Arsene Wenger was asked about the slight against his club from the Liverpool captain, and the Arsenal manager had no hesitation in ‘bantering back’ at him.

Wenger said through a cheeky grin:

‘No player is too good for Arsenal football club,  and Steven Gerrard knows that. 

But I understand why Gerrard wanted him to stay, so that they could go for the Premier League.

But anyway, it didn’t happen, and Suarez left anyway.’