Arsenal’s Yaya Sanogo trips over, uncannily reminiscent of Steven Gerrard’s slip

Yaya Sanogo shocked everyone with his display against Benfica today, perhaps himself most of all.

The Arsenal striker had a dream game against the Portuguese champions, bagging a hat-trick after a half an hour and adding a fourth shortly after the break.

The fourth goal seemed to overwhelm Sanogo as, while celebrating, his legs turned to jelly and he tripped up, clumsily scrambling back to his feet.

In fact, a lot of people are saying it was pretty similar to Steven Gerrard’s slip in Liverpool’s game against Chelsea earlier in the year. Of course, this fall won’t haunt Sanogo for months on end.

The residing memory of the day won’t be that embarrassing trip but rather the day he flourished in an Arsenal shirt. Perhaps the first of many.