Arsenal’s Mertesacker, Podolski & Arteta respond to mean Tweets in brilliant Paddy Power stunt [Video]

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This is a brilliant gag video, that only Paddy Power could have come up with and pulled off.

The Irish bookmakers have devised the game ‘Balls of Shame’, collecting the wackiest mean tweets directed at Premier League players, and then challenging the players to respond by quite literally bringing the Tweet to life.

Paddy Power invited Arsenal’s Mertesacker, Podolski and Arteta to take part, and the Gunners trio duly obliged.

So the BFG was asked to put the Tweet ‘I’ve seen milk turn quicker than Mertesacker’ to the test, while Poldi had to try and hit a barn door.

Arteta’s, the final challenge, is the funniest, with a cheeky dig at Wayne Rooney.

Speaking of which, a United Balls of Shame would be interesting after all the Twitter fun this season…