Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski criticised by Hull’s Matty Fryatt for his “arrogance” [Vine & quotes]

Hull City striker Matty Fryatt started in Hull’s 3-2 defeat to Arsenal in the FA Cup final on Saturday, largely due to the ineligibility of Nikica Jelavic and Shane Long.

When asked about Fryatt’s potential threat before the game, Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski had no idea who Fryatt is (above).

Speaking after the final, Fryatt was clearly offended by Lukas Podolski’s comments as well as the arrogance of Arsenal football club.

Fryatt said “I heard what he said. He had a good game, didn’t he?

“That was disrespectful. They’re his comments and if he doesn’t know me then fair enough. He’s a foreign player and I don’t expect him to know every player but it’s a bit of arrogance.”

The Hull striker also hit out at Arsenal’s parade plans being organised before the win.

“It was a sickening feeling watching Arsenal lift the trophy. I don’t mind losing but them planning parades and stuff wasn’t good. It’s not their fault, whether or not the council should have kept it hush hush, but it came across as arrogance. It’s disgusting, a lack of respect.”