Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski comes out in support of under-fire teammate Mesut Özil with impassioned Facebook update

”Everyone is disappointed about last night. But this is football.

It’s not fair to make down Maharaj (Ozil’s nickname). Criticism is not controversial but, picking out a single, helps neither the player nor anything.

He is a class player and will make us all much joy! It also a missed penalty changes nothing. That happens too me, every footballer! Friends stand together. So go.

Poldi everybody is disappointed because of yesterday’s result. However, that’s football. It’s not fair to diss Maharaj. Critic is part of sports and this is good – but polemic is not. Picking one player out doesn’t help the collective and the whole club neither!

He’s outstanding player who wants to make all of US happy in the future. A missed penalty won’t change that. This happens to me and to every footballer. Friends stood together. So lets go! Poldi #Freunde #Team #AFC #staypositive #coyg #Poldi #Mesut”

The above is the Facebook update made by Lukas Podolski this afternoon, translated from German int0 English.

In a magnanimous move from the unused sub from last night’s defeat, Poldi has written an impassioned plea to Arsenal fans to lay off Mesut Ozil, that the ad hominem criticism the Nemo-lookalike is taking.

Poldi reasons that missed penalties are part and parcel of football; you just have to get on with it.

A classy move from Podolski, which will no doubt have been appreciated by Ozil no end.