Arsenal’s Joel Campbell took an outrageous dive, Matt Besler got suspended (Costa Rica v USA)

The United States’ official YouTube channel have released new field camera footage of the American’s 3-1 defeat in Costa Rica last weekend, and one clip on the video isn’t pretty watching for Arsenal striker Joel Campbell.

Campbell, who is currently on loan from the Emirates at Olympiakos  after spending last season farmed out to Real Betis, was filmed committing an outrageous dive which got Matt Besler suspended.

Moments after Campbell had shown his talents by outstripping Besler in a footrace to fire the hosts 3-1 up, the Arsenal forward fake an assault from the American centre-half when Besler was wholeheartedly minding his own business.

Having hurled himself to the floor like a baby having a tantrum, Campbell proceeded to roll around, then look up, only to roll around in supposed agony again when the officials started to pay notice in his direction.

Scandalously the  Arsenal forward’s acting proved fruitful, and Besler was slapped with a yellow card with has excluded him from the Kansas City defender from the upcoming World Cup qualifier against Mexico.

Watch Arsenal’s Joel Campbell score and then minutes later play out a phantom foul below.