Arsenal’s Wenger was engaged to the female “god of alien race” in the 15th century, says self decreed alien god

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Kudos to the for producing a National Enquirer-esque story that involving a self proclaimed female “god of alien race” and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

In one of the whackiest stories of the season, the local news outlet from London have splashed their website with the story “Bromley woman who is ‘god of alien race’ was ‘engaged to Arsene Wenger in the 15th century”.

Stephany Cohen has told the local paper that not only was she was the saint Joan of Arc in a previous life, but during that time she was engaged to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. She told the following:

Mr Wenger and I were engaged in a previous life. We had a romance when I was Joan of Arc and he was the Dauphine of France.

He was the same man we know him to be today. Highly intelligent but very stubborn. His big problem is he never has a plan B. Arsenal will not win the Premier League this season because of that.

Me and my spirit guides believe it will be Manchester City who will win the title.

See an interview with Stephany Cohen on British TV from last year below.