Arsenal shouldn’t have even won the corner kick they scored from v Bayern Munich

Arsenal travel to Munich in three weeks time with a precious goal, unfortunately Bayern have three away strikes of their own and it would be a major surprise were the runaway Bundesliga leaders to let this tie slip from their grasp.

Little has been made in the aftermath of Arsenal 1 – Bayern Munich 3 about the Gunners goal but replays suggest referee Svein Moen made a fairly basic mistake for the corner kick that preceded Lukas Podolski’s goal.

In the 54th minute, Cazorla hit a shot from the edge of the area that deflected off Podolski. Referee Moen signalled for a corner, but as the picture shows he had a pretty terrible angle to tell whether it was an Arsenal corner or Bayern Munich free-kick.

This, of course, would not be the first time a Norwegian referee made a rather large error in a big Champions League knockout game in London.

But, in defence of Moen, he could have done with some guidance from his linesman or the fifth official…