Arsenal fans wonder why Tiote goal for Newcastle in 4-4 stood after Man City decision today

Football fans have long memories…

On Sunday afternoon, the big talking point in the Premier League was the fact Chieck Tiote had what appeared to be a goal of the season contender ruled out for offside.

Initially Tiote’s goal stood but after referee Michael Jones consulted his linesman, following protests from Manchester City players, it was ruled out.

For Arsenal fans there were some bitter memories to dredge up, all the way from February 5, 2011 (the date on the image above is incorrect) and one of the most famous matches played in English football in recent years.

Newcastle came back from 4-0 down to draw 4-4 and their late equaliser from Chieck Tiote at St James’ Park also saw a man in front of the keeper – who could have been considered to be interfering with play.

Now, there has been a rule change with this regard, see the image below, after videos of Chieck Tiote against Manchester City today and Chieck Tiote versus Arsenal (which was allowed) in 2011.

Or do decisions just even themselves out over time and we should just accept that officials are human?!