Arsenal fans slag off Mesut Ozil as a luxury and lazy player after the Man City hammering

For a while now there has been some discontent from a section of Arsenal supporters towards marquee summer signing Mesut Ozil, and after the 6-3 battering at Manchester City those opinions are getting louder.

Ozil was bollocked by Per Mertesacker at the full time whistle for his failure to applaud the travelling supporters, and Gunners fans slagged off the German international after the game.

The negative opinions are Ozil are grounded in a few central themes.

Firstly there are question marks about wether the Arsenal #11 delivers as much on the pitch as his transfer fee requires. Second there are criticisms that Ozil doesn’t affect games enough. And those highly critical of the German playmaker call him a “luxury” and “lazy”.

For the record, Arsenal have now lost to Manchester City, Manchester United, Napoli, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund and Aston Villa this season.

Yet, Arsenal are still top of the Premier League by two points over Chelsea, and they are in the last-16 of the Champions League.

Hear Arsenal fans ranting against Mesut Ozil below.