Arsenal fans react to Mourinho’s ‘failure’ comments: ‘He wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for Wenger!

Youtube channel FTBPro weren’t exactly ahead of the curve here, vox-popping Arsenal fans on Mourinho’s ‘specialist in failure’ attack on Wenger on Valentine’s Day.

Even still, some of the responses garnered from vexed Gooners are interesting and pretty funny, with one bloke intriguingly raising the point that without Wenger, Mourinho probably wouldn’t have a job in this country’.

It’s a good point: Wenger blazed a trail for foreign managers at a time when English football was still a backwater of thought and practice, with imports regarded as flakey ‘Jonny Foreigners’.

By the time Mourinho landed the Chelsea job, this was no longer the case, and much credit is owed to the Arsenal boss for helping to change perceptions and shape new opinions of foreign managers.

Of course, some Gooners weren’t so reflective, with one bloke succinctly dubbing Mourinho a ‘cocky twat’.