Arsenal fans caught throwing missiles at Everton fans

One of the big talking points from this weekend’s action in the Premier League surrounded the coin throwing incident at Fratton Park, where an Aston Villa supporter hurled a 50p coin in the direction of Harry Redknapp, only to strike the linesman.

Yet this incident was not the only such circumstance at the weekend. YouTuber “pl0ugh220” offers eye-witness footage of Everton fans also coming under fire from missiles, alleging that Arsenal fans were guilty of throwing “coins and stuff” on the Toffee away support.

Obviously, we cannot exactly say what was being chucked at the Everton fans, nor can we point the finger of responsibility at anybody, but what these pictures do clearly show is that the Evertonians were unquestionable showered by unwanted missiles while at the Emirates on Saturday.

See the footage here.